What is Genicular Artery Embolization? 

Genicular artery embolization (GAE) is performed through the blood vessels.  The physicians at RIA endovascular use a small needle to gain entry into the blood stream and a small catheter is placed into the blood vessels that go to the knee. In arthritis the blood flow to the knee joint is commonly increased due to inflammation and this results in pain. RIA doctors reduce the blood flow to the inflamed areas in order to treat pain. The benefit of GAE is the ability to effectively treat the pain of osteoarthritis without surgery.  This minimally invasive approach allows for treatment of patients who are young or those too sick for surgery.  The treatment also ensures a short recovery and less procedural pain.   

Why would you need GAE? 

GAE is an excellent option for someone with painful knee arthritis who is young and wants to wait before undergoing total knee replacement surgery but still desires to be active and treat pain. GAE may also be an excellent option for someone who has been told they are not a candidate for knee replacement surgery.   In consultation your doctor will discuss the optimal treatment strategy for your individual tumor.  

Risks Involved 

Our ability to use imaging guidance and cutting-edge technology minimizes patient risk.  Prior to your procedure, your physician will discuss any potential risks with you. 

Conditions to let us know about 

Let your doctor know if you currently are pregnant or breast feeding, feeling ill, have a fever, or are taking any blood thinners. 

Insurance coverage 

GAE coverage may vary based on insurance provider. We will seek authorization from your insurance company prior to your procedure. 

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