What is an abdominal aortic stent graft?

Abdominal aortic aneurysm stent grafts are performed to bypass large aneurysms in the abdominal section of the aorta which could otherwise lead to life-threatening rupture.
During the procedure, an interventional radiologist advances a catheter through a small incision in the groin to the site of the aneurysm. Through the catheter, the radiologist places a fabric tube (graft) that is long enough to span the bulging area. The tube is held in place by a stent, which is a metal mesh tube. The stent exerts outward pressure against the graft and artery to keep the graft snuggly in position. The blood then flows through the graft and bypasses the aneurysm. Without the pressure of flowing blood, the aneurysm will eventually shrink, and the risk of rupture is greatly reduced.

Why would you need an abdominal aortic stent graft?

Abdominal aortic aneurysms can weaken the aorta, your body’s largest blood vessel. This can develop into a potentially serious health problem that can be fatal if the aneurysm bursts, causing massive internal bleeding.

Risks Involved

Our ability to use imaging guidance and cutting-edge technology minimizes patient risk. Prior to your procedure, your physician will discuss any potential risks with you.

Conditions to let us know about

Let your doctor know if you currently are pregnant or breast feeding, feeling ill, have a fever, or are taking any blood thinners.

Insurance coverage

Abdominal aortic stent grafts are covered by most private insurance providers as well as Medicare. We will seek authorization from your insurance company prior to your procedure.

Preparing for your procedure

If you are on blood thinners your doctor will instruct you if you need to stop these medications prior to the procedure. You will need a responsible adult to give you a ride home.

Recovering from your procedure

You will most likely receive general anesthesia during your procedure. You will stay in the recovery area until you are ready for discharge. You will be given written post procedure discharge instructions that will advise you about return to normal physical activity. If you have any questions after your procedure, please call the RIA Interventional Suite at 720-493-3406.

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