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Mark Laudermilk, PA

Mark Laudermilk is a Physician Assistant in Denver, Colorado

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February 22, 2022,

What is a Physician Assistant?

We got a chance to talk with our physician assistant, Mark Laudermilk, to ask him some questions about his work at RIA Endovascular. We got some great information.

What is a physician assistant?

A physician assistant plays an important role in the health care system. The physician assistant works alongside physicians to manage a patient’s treatment plan. The physician assistant’s responsibilities include the following:

• Greet patients and gather medical information

• Give physical exams to make correct diagnoses

• Work with physicians and nurses to prescribe and administer treatments

• Monitor patient progress and make adjustments to treatment

• Instruct patients and their families about best practices at home

• Document and update patient records

• Refer patients to specialists as needed

RIA Endovascular is proud to introduce you to our physician assistant, Mark Laudermilk. Mark practices in multiple hospitals around the Denver Metro area. He doesn’t practice in our clinic but instead works directly with the interventional radiologists at our hospital sites.

What is the difference between a physician assistant and nurse practitioner?

Physician assistants are educated through a curriculum modeled on a medical school education in general medicine, meaning they are trained in all aspects of medicine. Nurse practitioners are trained in the advance practice of nursing and must choose a “population focus.”

Examples of those are family nurse practitioner, women’s health nurse practitioner and pediatric nurse practitioner. Whether you see a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, we will take great care of you and ensure you are getting the best treatment possible.