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Nishant Patel, MD, MBA

Nishant Patel is an interventional radiologist in Denver, CO

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July 6, 2021, ,

A Physician’s Perspective on Varicocele Embolization: Nishant Patel, MD

A cluster of enlarged veins in the scrotum is called a varicocele. It can cause pain, swelling and even infertility. At RIA Endovascular, we offer a minimally invasive option for patients suffering with varicoceles.

Using a small catheter that is inserted into your groin or neck, we can use image guidance to treat the varicocele through a tiny pinhole. Thin metal coils and injected medication are used to block blood flow to these veins. The entire procedure usually takes around an hour, and then patients are sent home for recovery. Patients walk out of the clinic the same day, and there are minimal restrictions after the procedure.

This nonsurgical approach is the choice for many due to the minimal risk of infection, prompt recovery time, decreased pain and decreased risk of complications. I find that having the procedure done at our outpatient clinic causes less stress for the patient than if they were to come to the hospital. Patients experience anxiety from their diagnosis and do not want the added stress of a big surgery.

I recently cared for a gentleman that had been suffering with pain from his varicoceles for quite a while. He was anxious about seeking medical intervention because he did not understand there are minimally invasive options. He was surprised at how easy the procedure went and the lack of discomfort during the procedure itself. He was given moderate sedation during the procedure, which helps with both anxiety and discomfort.

My favorite part about caring for these patients is their decrease in pain when I see them in follow-up. It is truly life-changing for many patients.

Learn more about varicocele embolization here: https://stage.riaendovascular.com/services/varicocele-embolization/