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Annie Collum, BSN, RN

Annie Collum, BSN, RN is the RIA Senior Manager, Physician Liaison in Denver, Colorado

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July 16, 2019

Patient Stories: Vertebral compressions fractures cause pain. RIA Endovascular provides relief.

Patient James D. Shares his story.

I suffer from severe osteoporosis due to extended use of Prednisone. I was having severe back pain. I was in and out of the hospital and different doctor offices for months. No one could come up with a solution for my pain.

Patient James D.

I went to a local Denver hospital and found out that I had five vertebral fractures. The hospital staff told me about Dr. Anthony Brown and the vertebral augmentation procedures he performs. I was scheduled for a consult immediately.

Before the procedure, I was consistently in pain. I even had to wear an oxygen mask because I couldn’t take deep breaths. It was difficult for me to complete everyday tasks. After having the kyphoplasty and Spine Jack procedures, I practically jump out of my chair to walk around without pain. I have increased mobility and decreased pain.

The staff at RIA Endovascular were warm and welcoming to me and my son. They called me for follow up appointments. This was convenient and I knew that they were going to take good care of me even after the procedure. Dr. Brown was informative, patient and kind. He even gave me his personal cell phone so that I could call him directly if I had problems. I have never had a doctor like Dr. Brown. He was amazing!

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Brown and RIA Endovascular to anyone who is suffering from a vertebral compression fracture.

When everyone else came up without an answer, it was Dr. Brown that had the knowledge and skill to ease my pain.